You may not believe it, but Samsung may be guilty of over hyping itself. In an article on Samsung’s recent claims about developing breakthrough “5G” wireless technology that will delivering 1Gbps connectivity over the air by 2020, Technology Review quotes two experts who are for now skeptical of the company’s assertions. Victor Bahl, a principal analyst at Microsoft Research, says that it will be very difficult to assess the accuracy of Samsung’s claims until the company actually publishes the results of its wireless tests and opens them up to peer review.

And Vanu Bose, the founder of wireless infrastructure company Vanu, Inc., tells Technology Review that Samsung’s descriptions of how it tested the technology are “too vague to really say anything concrete” about whether their results are valid. Even so, he says that Samsung’s claims are certainly exciting because “if they have solved this, then they have opened up a large number of higher frequencies for cellular-type use, which are really not useful for cellular today.”