Big, beautiful displays are Samsung’s calling card and the image quality experts at DisplayMate confirm that the new display on the Galaxy S4 is bigger and more beautiful than any Samsung smartphone display to date. In fact, DisplayMate claims that the Galaxy S4’s display doesn’t just give Samsung’s smartphone line an incremental boost, but instead represents “a major enhancement and improvement over the Galaxy S III” and is “a good reason to consider trading up” all by itself.

DisplayMate says that the only display right now that can really match the Galaxy S4 is that of the iPhone 5, which it previously had found superior to the Galaxy S III’s in-house OLED display. The firm also says that the major improvements in Samsung’s OLED technology makes its new display a serious competitor for the more mature LCD displays used in the iPhone, while adding that LCD and OLED look poised to engage in a battle that will determine which technology will “win in the next generation of mobile displays.”