Christmas is a time of peace on Earth, good will toward men, and Kim Dotcom. New Zealand’s 3 News reports that the Megaupload founder will make his stage debut in Auckland this week when he plays the role of “Santa Dotcom” in a satirical Christmas play called “MegaChristmas.” Dotcom, who will be joined by New Zealand Labour Party politician Jacinda Ardern and soap opera stars Kimberley Crossman and Mick Innes, apparently takes some shots at his many adversaries in the play, including New Zealand prime minister John Key.

“I was in my mansion playing Call of Duty, and suddenly I heard someone coming down the chimney,” Dotcom says during the play. “And I was like, ‘Oh my God! Not another raid! Who are you trying to impress this time, John Key? Steven Spielberg?'”

On his Twitter feed, Dotcom described MegaChristmas as “the funniest Xmas play ever,” although he cautioned interested theatre buffs that it is decidedly “not for kids.” There’s also no word yet on whether Santa Dotcom will unleash his dreaded belly-bop kung-fu upon unsuspecting theatre goers, so that’s something else to watch out for.

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