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Judge rules Kim Dotcom mansion raid was illegal

Updated 4 years ago
Published Jun 28th, 2012 8:35PM EDT

Justice Helen Winkelmann on Thursday ruled the warrants that allowed more than 90 New Zealand officers to raid Kim Dotcom’s home and other properties earlier this year were too broadly cast, The Guardian reported. The judge said the warrants were therefore invalid and lacked “adequate specificity as to the offense,” adding that it was “clear that the police, in executing the warrants, have exceeded what they could lawfully be authorised to do.” Winkelmann said police acted unlawfully by refusing to release material that was not relevant to the charges, and handing over cloned hard drives to the FBI was in breach of extradition legislation. The Megaupload founder released a statement praising the ruling. “We are very happy with today’s decision,” Dotcom said. “We are digesting and analysing Justice Winkelmann’s judgment and considering out next steps.” Winkelmann ordered both sides to appear in court on July 4th.