While it’s fairly common to find 64GB SD cards these days, Lexar clearly lives by the mantra of “there’s no such thing as too much storage.” Its latest Secure Digital (SD) card, the Lexar Professional 400x SDXC UHS-I, adheres to the SDXC standard and crams 256GB of flash storage into its tiny little plastic shell by way of a 20 nanometer flash memory process. Targeted at professional photographers and videographers who shoot in full-frame resolution and 1080 HD video, the 256GB card guarantees a minimum read speed of 60 MB/S. At $899.99 and available in October, Lexar’s card is well out of most people’s budgets, but would be worth it as a secondary back-up solution for computers with an SD card slot. As PetaPixel smartly advises, buying several lower-capacity SD cards that total 256GB is significantly cheaper than buying one $900 card. And if you think 256GB is crazy, here’s a fact that will blow your mind: SDXC can theoretically hold 2TB worth of storage. So, in a few years, 256GB will be the norm and 2TB will be for pros.


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