A game of cat and mouse between Apple (AAPL) and a Russian hacker is now over — sort of. Russian hacker Alexey Borodin showed the world how to bypass Apple’s in-app purchase system on iOS earlier this month, allowing unscrupulous iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to steal in-app purchases in any app that didn’t implement a few lines of code to thwart the attack. Apple plugged the holeBorodin bypassed the fix, and the all-too-familiar dance between hacker and technology company ensued. In a brief post on his blog, however, Borodin said he’s calling it quits because a recent fix implemented by Apple cannot by bypassed. The hacker says his focus will now turn to hacking the OS X App Store, though he notes that the latest version of his iOS exploit will continue to function until Apple releases iOS 6 to users this fall.

[Via The Next Web]