iPhone 5 Part Leak

After the flurry of rumors that swept blogs and the media ahead of Apple’s iPhone 4S unveiling last year, reports have slowed significantly as the world awaits Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone launch. The pace is likely to pick up as production nears, however, and a leaked part said to be destined for inclusion in Apple’s next-generation iPhone again points to a redesign. Described as a “Earphone Jack/ Ear Speaker/ WIFI Cable For iPhone 5,” sw-box.com recently added a new iPhone component to its site that is unlike anything included in a previous-generation iPhone model. While the presence of reworked internal components increase the likelihood of a redesigned case for Apple’s next iPhone, nothing conclusive regarding the new model’s external design can be ascertained. Numerous reports have suggested that the next iPhone will feature a unibody aluminum case, 4G LTE compatibility and a larger display, though some suggest the sixth iPhone will retain the 3.5-inch panel used in the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. BGR reported late last year that Apple will launch a completely redesigned iPhone with a new antenna system this fall.

[Via Cult of Mac]