Speaking during the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference on Thursday, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said he was confident that his company “would do very well” when it offers the iPhone 5, despite the influx of competition that is expected if Sprint introduces the phone. Sprint could be in contention for data-hogging customers if it does indeed offer unlimited data with the iPhone 5 and recent rumors have suggested it will. “Anytime there’s another competitor launching Apple’s hit device, the expectations for what would happen to the carrier that had it before is overblown,” Stephenson said. “The competitive dynamic will be no different than last time,” he added, referring to when Verizon Wireless began offering the iPhone 4 this past February. Stephenson argued that AT&T’s iPhone can roam globally and that it offers a faster 3G network than Verizon Wireless and Sprint.