Verizon Wireless just had a high-security briefcase hand delivered to our office, and it sure looks like the Motorola DROID BIONIC hype machine has started. First off, the briefcase is covered with the DROID logo, and there’s also a plaque on the briefcase that says that this is #2 of four pieces in existence. Sure enough, a visit to allowed us to input a special code engraved on the object inside the case. So what is inside the briefcase? Check out our gallery below for images and hit the jump for the text engraved on the inside of the case.

Zero-in with pinpoint precision. Freeze time by the megapixel and capture all that you gaze upon in brilliant 1080p HD. Control a video portal that dashes the distance between near and far.

Four mechanical gladiators will yield their superiority to the true master of all machines. This head belongs to one of them.

Accept it as a trophy on behalf of your followers. It possesses a key that will allow you to reveal to them how they can win this power for themselves.

The next move is yours. But do not delay. The clock is ticking.