New data shows that usage of Microsoft’s Windows operating system declined so far in August while Apple’s OS X and iOS usage increased, as did usage of Google’s Android OS. Chitika Insights, the research arm of ad network Chitika, published an infographic on Tuesday showing that Windows’ usage share dropped to 78.282% so far in August from 79.049% in July. Mac OS grew from 8.895% in July to 9.551% in August, iOS grew marginally from 5.278% to 5.491% and Android grew from 3.135% to 3.245% in August. During the month in which Linux celebrated its 20th anniversary, usage dropped from 2.365% to 2.191%. Of note, Net Applications showed significantly different OS market share data in July compared to Chitika, with Windows holding 87.6% of the market, Mac owning 5.61%, iOS owning 3% and Android claiming 0.81% of the global OS market. Chitika’s full infographic follows below.