It turns out Verizon Wireless may be in more hot water as a result of the 10,000 emergency 9-1-1 calls the carrier dropped during a blizzard last month. The Federal Communications Commission recently called for an investigation into the massive network failure that left thousands of Maryland residents with no way to reach police and other emergency services. One such resident was 94-year-old Carmela D’Antuono, whose house caught fire when nearby transformers exploded during the snowstorm. D’Antuono, who was trapped inside her home as it burned, was rescued by neighbors who took matters into their own hands when police and fire fighters could not be reached. “It was scary. It makes you think when a disaster like this happens. I know that was a pretty scary night. There were a lot of things going on, but it makes you want to hope that you can get a hold of help when you really need it,” one of D’Antuono’s neighbors said. Hit the break for video report from a local Fox affiliate.

[Via The Droid Guy]