We reported on Friday that Verizon Wireless would be doing away with mail-in rebates on its high-end devices. Instead the carrier will begin applying instant rebates to all smartphones priced at $150 and above. This means a customer will pay the final subsidized price when purchasing a high-end smartphone instead of paying an extra $50 and waiting to be reimbursed by mail. Today, the policy change is reaffirmed by a new Verizon Wireless rebate sheet provided to BGR by a tipster. As can be seen on the new sheet, which goes into effect on January 31st, nearly all smartphones priced $150 and higher have been removed. Examples include the BlackBerry Storm2 and Motorola’s DROID x and DROID Pro. A few pricey phones still remain, such as the DROID R2-D2, but we’re guessing a price drop to $149.99 or better will take effect tomorrow or Monday. Hit the break to view the full rebate sheet.

Thanks, hiphophead83