Following reports that detail Verizon Wireless’ intentions with iPhone 4 data plans, a company spokesperson has also confirmed Personal Hotspot pricing. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam told the press that there would be a $30 unlimited data plan available for iPhone 4 purchasers at launch. He also stated that the unlimited plan would only be available for a limited time, and that Verizon would then move to a tiered data plan structure similar to that of AT&T. But what about the much anticipated Personal Hotspot feature that will be ushered in by Verizon Wireless’ iPhone 4? Like AT&T’s iPhone tethering plan, Verizon Wireless will charge $20 per month for the feature. Also like AT&T, Verizon will not afford tethering users unlimited data. Instead, the iPhone’s mobile hotspot feature will come with a separate 2GB bucket. While the limitation is a bit aggravating, it is seen as far more favorable than AT&T’s tethering solution, which pulls data from the same 2GB bucket as the standard iPhone data plan. Moreover, AT&T requires that subscribers with grandfathered unlimited data plans switch to the 2GB capped plan before tethering can be activated on an iPhone.