We’re still deep in day two of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and apparently Samsung has already moved on. Speaking at CES on Friday, Samsung’s president of mobile J. K. Shin discussed the company’s big plans for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. “We will continue to keep our technology leadership this year. In terms of dual-core applications, we already have a program, and next month at Mobile World Congress we will unveil it,” Shin said at the show. Shin went on to note, “In February at MWC, we will unveil our next-generation tablet device portfolio in detail.” According to the exec, Samsung’s 4G strategy will soon begin moving toward 4G. The company will release new smartphones and tablets, and both WiMAX and LTE devices will be included in Samsung’s future portfolio. Shin also stated that new Windows Phone 7 smartphones would be announced at MWC next month, along with both 3G and 4G tablets.