The star of Wednesday’s Apple event was undoubtedly the shiny new MacBook Air models unveiled by CEO Steve Jobs as the show’s final announcement. The fact that Apple added a new processor option to its high-end MacBook Pro line wasn’t even mentioned during the event. Regardless, professionals in need of the latest and greatest kit will be happy to learn that Apple has added a new faster processor option for 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro models. The new CPU bumps the top-end Intel Core i7 processor option up to 2.8GHz from the previous 2.66GHz processor, which is still available on both models. The upgrade will add $200 to the cost of the $2,199 15-inch model, or $400 to the cost of the $2,299 17-inch model. If you have a need for speed and the means to partake, hit the read links to order up your MacBook Pro of choice.

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