BlackBerry Storm users on Verizon Wireless are still feeling the burn from the AT&T exclusive launch of the BlackBerry Torch. While not everyone has a hankering for a hybrid handset, owners of the Storm and Storm 2 were more than displeased to learn that RIM will not be updating either smartphone to the latest version of its OS, BlackBerry 6. While the imminent release of a new OS 6-powered touchscreen handset will merely be salt in the wound for some, others will be happy to learn that the Storm 3, so it would seem, is almost ready for prime time. The third coming of RIM’s popular touchscreen line, the BlackBerry Storm 3, has been spotted in Cellbrite — an internal system used by Verizon Wireless service technicians to transfer information between phones. In short, another piece of the puzzle is now in place and the BlackBerry 6-equipped Storm 3 may be hitting store shelves in the near future.