Have an LG Ally? Just love those soft updates? Well, Verizon Wireless is rolling out an update for the LG Ally starting this weekend. The update contains bug fixes and minor OS Improvements including:

  • Increased QWERTY keyboard operability.
  • Streamlined alert functions.
  • Improved usability with alert sounds for authentication or confirmation of Bluetooth® functions.
  • Increased speed and response time for Messaging and Camera applications.
  • Manage your schedule with preloaded Corporate Calendar application.
  • Improved Amazon MP3 application.
  • Preloaded Backup Assistant application is now available.
  • Enjoy an enhanced preloaded Visual Voicemail application.
  • Sync Facebook contacts with a new preloaded application.

Folks with LG’s Android device should keep their eyes open for the new software which should be delivered wirelessly over the next few days.