It’s no mystery that manufacturers are dying to ship Windows 7. Regardless of its current state, there’s still just too much of a stigma attached to Vista and manufacturers are all too eager to move on. Moreover, so is Microsoft. As such, we highly doubt the Redmond-based giant will put up much of a fuss over the fact that small custom PC builders like Puget Systems are advertising the availability of Windows 7 ahead of its official launch on October 22nd. According to Puget’s site, Windows 7 is available for pre-order as of yesterday and PCs with 7 preloaded are expected to begin shipping on October 13th — slightly over a week ahead of Win 7’s official retail launch. Of course a week is hardly a long time to wait if you’re not into the idea of purchasing from a smaller computer shop, but early adopters will be glad to know they have options. In any event, 7 is almost upon us… Rejoice!

Thanks, Adrian!

[Via Ars Technica]