Is looks as though Samsung is brimming with excitement where the upcoming Omnia II and its preliminary carrier of choice, Verizon Wireless, are concerned. Way back in August, the Korean manufacturer popped up a preview page on its Samsung Mobile USA site and now we have a new, slightly less secretive preview of the handset that was just dug up by one of our eagle-eyed readers. The only listed specs for the time being are a hefty 1500mAh battery, an included stylus and a mic adapter of some kind, but we also get our first official marketing render of the sleek handset complete with its bizarre d-pad. The sleek handset is allegedly already listed in Verizon’s inventory system however, so all this info popping up on Samsung’s site might lead some to believe an official announcement from Sammy and Verizon is imminent. Fingers crossed, WinMo fans.

Thanks, Alan!