Remember all of those rumors about a PlayStation 3 price drop and a new, slimmer model? Well they might not be rumors for much longer as just hours before Sony is slated to begin its press conference at Gamescom in Cologne, several leaks have sprung from a few notable retailers. FYE was first up when an employee snapped a pic of a new banner that has the 80GB model going for a “new low price” of $299.99 and the 160GB Uncharted bundle for $399.99. As for the slim model, is currently displaying a banner that announces not only a price drop for the PS3 as we know it but proclaimed the arrival of “a new exciting PlayStation 3”. Oh yeah, and did we mention that the PS3 Slim pre-order page is live?

UPDATE: The pre-order page was taken down shortly after 10am Eastern. Don’t worry, it’ll be back soon enough.

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