Last night T-Mobile held a private launch event for the upcoming Sidekick LX and your pals at BGR just couldn’t stay away. After all, T-Mobile most definitely knows how to throw a party. Amidst a packed house, terrific food and drinks, a handful of arcade games and a great soundtrack, the new Sidekick LX emerged and we got to enjoy some solid face time with the orchid-colored messaging machine. First things first — the display… is… ridiculous. You can stare at “854×480 resolution” on the spec sheet all you want but until you hold it in your hand you really can’t appreciate just how crystal clear and vivid the F-WVGA display on this bad boy is. Once you manage to avert your focus from the screen, you can move on to what is undoubtedly the most solid Sidekick built to date. Danger/Microsoft and Sharp did a fantastic job on the new LX; it’s slim and sleek, the rubberized feel is perfect and the keyboard is big and inviting. But we don’t want to get too deep into it right now — you know a full and thorough review is on its way. So without further ado, click through to enjoy some hands on pics of the unit complete with a first look into the LX’s social networking integration (Twitter, Facebook and MySpace) and a little taste of AIM image transfer.

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