The good ‘ole FCC just gave a green light to a new Samsung handset that, according to rumor, could cure cases of “The Mondays” across the country — well, for Sprint customers at least. The device, tagged only with a model number for the time being, is rumored to be the Samsung Instinct Mini. Woo! Various sources have made the leap and suggested the SPH-M810 will come to market as the new little brother to Sprint’s Instinct and the timing certainly makes sense. We’ve haven’t heard anything at this point that suggests Sprint has moved its target launch date of April 19th and with the FCC’s blessing out of the way, everything looks to be on track. The only new info about the alleged miniaturized Instinct is that it will reportedly include PTT, which could pose an interesting twist down the road a bit. Either way, Sprint people have quite a few handsets to look forward to over the coming months — anyone excited for the Instinct Mini?

[Via UV]