Now that the E63 is a reality it’s tough to get excited about a crazy deal on a new E71 but… No, wait, we forgot. The E63 is is like the Star Wars prequels — a mistake that never should have seen the light of day. The E71 is still far and away one of the sexiest handsets Nokia has ever produced and those who haven’t had a taste can finally get one today for the more than respectable price of $289.99. The reduced price is part of Amazon’s Gold Box deal offers where a new item is offered at a steep discount every day. Think Woot without the snarky commentary. Today’s price is $37 lower than Amazon’s regular price and $60 lower than Nokia’s direct price but like we said, it’s only available today. Actually, at $290 we might just snag a handful of them to throw in a drawer until BAS for S60 is finally released. BAS on the Touch Pro is awesome but BAS on an E71 would be… Wow.

[Via The Nokia Blog]