Falling into the not earth shattering but definitely noteworthy category at MWC today, LG previewed a very cool upcoming handset that definitely caught our attention. LG rarely comes up short when it comes to the design element of a handset and the GD900 takes things to a new level. As you can see in the image above, the handset has a slider form factor that reveals a completely transparent keypad. When open, the keypad “illuminates a cool glow that reflects the phone’s sleek and polished silver body.” That’s cool and all but let’s take things a step further. Think about the possibilities here – how about a thin transparent keypad that sits atop a full-color LCD display? In other words, Optimus Maximus-like functionality without Optimus Maximus-like pricing. But we digress. Details on the GD900 beyond its design are forthcoming but we’re going to guess that this will be a pricey feature phone that probably won’t travel far outside the Asian market, at least for a while. Initial release is slated for Q2 2009.