Speaking of App Stores, it looks like Nokia may finally be preparing to remedy the unbridled mess that is the Download! application. You know what they say… The bigger they are the slower they move – or something like that. According to the infamous Eldar Murtazin of Russian mobile blog Mobile-review, Nokia plans to announce its own App Store-alike at this year’s MWC which is now just over a week away. Murtazin doesn’t seem overly impressed with what he has seen from Nokia’s mobile distribution platform thus far but states the release version will be far more polished than the early build he tested. Symbian has long-needed such a product and its rumored arrival could spark the beginning of the end for third-party paid distribution channels. Apple mobile OS X, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, webOS and now Symbian – that leaves java for third-parties to hock. As an aside, if Nokia does indeed launch an on-device application portal soon we wonder if it will allow developers to include games, as they will certainly cannibalize N-Gage sales.

Thanks, Jakey!