Plenty of time has passed since the Palm’s Pre announcement at CES earlier this month but we still don’t mind when new coverage pops up – especially if HD videos are involved. In this interview with Palm’s VP of Design Peter Skillman, we also get to see Palm address the Nokia N95 in relation to the Pre for the first time. Skillman is very tactful in his criticism of the N95 8GB Serko hands him and describes the industrial design of the Nokia handset as having “a lot of topological complexity” compared to the sleek minimal design of the Pre. Allow us to translate if we may: N95, old and busted. Pre, new hotness. In all seriousness though, we still love the N95 8GB we have laying around somewhere, or ‘Black Betty’ as we call her, but Skillman’s assessment is mild. Symbian fans should just be thankful he didn’t get into the meat of things and compare the handsets on an OS level. Hit the jump for the full video.

[Via Engadget]