There’s nothing better than the smell of on-time launches in the morning. Earlier this week we learned that Verizon Wireless had a treat in store for users in low coverage areas and lo and behold, Big Red made good on the release date. The “Verizon Wireless Network Extender”, Verizon’s femtocell solution, is now available on its website. To refresh your memory, femtocell is essentially a small cell tower that allows users to get cellular-based services via a broadband connection. Beyond the release date, the rumored $249.99 price point was spot on as well, making this puppy way more expensive than Sprint’s Airave. We’re sure those of you with a need for some femtocell goodness will jump on it regardless. As far as specs are concerned, all you need to know is that the Network Extender is compatible with all Verizon handsets, up to three phones can use it simultaneously, a fourth channel is always open for 911 calls and it has a 5,000-foot broadcast radius. Who’s in?