As of today, T-Mobile is going to be selling the G1 in retail outlets that are not within its 3G footprint. Prior to this, the only way that someone would be able to get a G1 was to visit a T-Mobile shop in an area that had 3G coverage or through T-Mobile’s website. Many T-Mobile customers were understandably upset that they were not able to purchase a G1 in person due to previous 3G area only restrictions. Then again, when you think back, T-Mobile did have a shortage of units to deal with so one can’t exactly blame them for only selling these in their largest markets. So, if you’ve been eyein’ a G1 for some time, happen to live in a non-3G area, and don’t want a white one (don’t you know they are sold out everywhere?), hit up your local T-Mobile crack dealer, and get your fix.