As part of the CES onslaught from Lenovo this week, the company took the wraps off of its brand new all-in-one desktop PC dubbed IdeaCentre A600. First, let us state the obvious: gorgeous. As far as the design is concerned, Lenovo did a remarkable job putting this all-in-one together. Lenovo claims that the A600 will be the thinnest all-in-one on the market once it is released and while that may be true it’s of little consequence considering it sits on a desk. The wireless remote is also a huge highlight, boasting functionality such as an air mouse, VoIP handset capabilities and accelerometer-driven gaming control a la Wiimote. The A600’s form and execution are what draw us in and thankfully the guts don’t disappoint, provided you’re willing to shell out some cash however. The base price of $999 is more than attractive but if you’re looking to get all you can out of this sexy box, additions like 4GB of RAM, 1 TB of storage and a Blu-ray drive are going to push the price point up considerably. Lowlights include a comparably tiny 21.5-inch display, lack of an HDMI port and the fact that just about everything is an option. An all-in-one focused on media should at least include a TV tuner in the base price but no such luck here. Regardless, we’ll be looking forward to seeing this puppy on display at CES, and to finding out what a fully loaded box will go for.