The LG Vu isn’t exactly the the newest kid on the block but there’s no question this sexy touchscreen handset from LG is a great value – if you can find it. Many have noticed the earlier Vu model (915) has been hard to come by lately and some early speculation pointed to a discontinuation. That’s only half true of course, as AT&T is getting ready to fill store shelves once again with the newer version (920) complete with MediaFLO and a host of bug fixes. In fact, some stores started getting them in a few months ago. As part of the ongoing refresh, AT&T will also be getting the handset in a new wine color which is definitely unique and looks to be just subtle enough for a guy to pull off. For those who haven’t been able to check it out in person, MediaFLO on the LG Vu is spectacular – the nice big touchscreen makes for an ideal mobile TV experience. The new color should be hitting stores very soon and we don’t expect the pricing to change from just north of $100, as it stands now.

Thanks, Omie!