Remember that rumor about Steve Jobs having a heart attack that went around not too long ago? Well, it might just be true as soon as Stevo catches wind of this one. The video above shows a brief interview from MyPhone 2008 with a young Norweigan developer named Erik Kristiansen. While Kristiansen might not be the smoothest talker in Vegas, he has managed to put together quite a piece of software. As he explains in the video, he has essentially created bootcamp for the iPhone. When the phone powers on, the user must select between booting OS X and Windows Mobile. No you didn’t misread anything there, we said Windows Mobile! Woh. We’re not sure if iPhone users will exactly be clamoring get Windows Mobile fired up on their iPhones but it might actually be pretty nice to rock an iPhone with an OS that allows things like copy / paste and background processes for third-party apps. Kristiansen is aiming to release his work to the public this coming January and it will be open source. Of course you shouldn’t expect to see this one hit the app store – only jailbroken iPhones need apply. By the way, pretty harsh final question from Ms. Young, no? At least the kid responded politely. We might have commented on Jessica’s slight manliness as opposed to taking the high road as young Kristiansen did. No, seriously – she’s a maaaaaaaaan, maaaaaaaaan.

[Via iphonefreakz]

UPDATE: After watching the video a bunch of times, things aren’t linking up. Anyone else doubting the authenticity of this?