James Bond couldn’t have been this careless, could he? Nah, it was probably a rookie; you know, an agent who hadn’t, and probably won’t, make it to Double-0 status. Anyhoo, a Nikon Coolpix camera sold on eBay for $30 turned out to be well worth the money, assuming the benefits outweigh the risks. In this case, it doesn’t. The camera was once owned by an MI6 agent and he or she forgot to delete a few items here and there. It’s just the typical shots of rocket launchers, terrorist network diagrams, leaked images of the new Blackberry 9600… wait, scratch that last one. This could have been a complete hoax done by some 28-year-old seeking attention, but apparently it has been confirmed by MI6 when agents found the man missing from his treehouse with the bark engraved, “MI6 wuz here, lolz!”