Those of us that thought the recently revealed Motorola Q9h Silver was nothing more than a mere color refresh apparently have another thing coming. It seems the new device has a slew of under-the-hood changes to match its exterior. First up is a new feature that will allow Motorola and/or AT&T to push out firmware updates OTA. Before you get too excited, it’s worth noting that this feature is distinct from the built-in Windows Update feature found on all Windows Mobile 6 devices, a feature that has yet to be implemented by anyone. Motorola ad AT&T developed this FOTA solution themselves, and its an exciting addition that should hopefully make the firmware update process remarkably easier than it has been. The Q9h will also sport vastly improved battery life, A-GPS, and a new Moto feature dubbed “Crystal Talk” that automatically adjusts the handset’s mic and speaker volume based on the level of ambient noise. All told, these new changes might make the Q9h Silver worthy of consideration for those in need of a Windows Mobile Standard handset upgrade. Any takers?