Ok, there’s a whole lot of back and forth on the net with regards to the Nokia E72 / E63 or whatever it is that showed its pretty little face in the recently-leaked promotional video from Nokia shown above. We know that the slider has been dubber E75 thanks to a few leaked live images but the E71 look-a-like is still a bit of a mystery. Until now. Two BGR tipsters and an anonymous third source have suggested that this upcoming QWERTY Eseries will in fact be dubbed E72. What’s more, it will be a branded handset available exclusively through AT&T. That’s right people, it looks like AT&T is finally going to give a little love to a decent S60 handset. Aside from the differences we already pointed out, the E72 should be pretty identical to the E71 specs-wise with one other major revision… Feature Pack 2. Sorry E71 owners, it looks like AT&T customers will finally have an edge on the unbranded folks. So just as the E62 was AT&T’s version of the E61, the E72 will be AT&T’s E71. Great! Now that we’ve cleared that up, it’s time to start digging into the mysterious third upcoming Eseries that surfaced today – the E63.