Like Apple, T-Mobile will be launching its own app store and the DevPartner Community is now live. T-Mo is going about this the right way and simplifying the process in which developers can release their tools and other applications. Oddly enough, no games are allowed! WTF, mate?! We don’t know what they’re thinking, but we’re pretty sure they’ll take a lot of heat for it or find a way to make it happen. Perhaps they have their own set of developers for games, but either way, if you’re a developer itching to get your game onto that new Android set, it’ll have to wait. Now that it seems like mobile applications are going to be all the rage, the process of developing your own app and getting it onto the market is less complicated than it used to be. Naturally, there are still strict terms and conditions, and all applications will tested and verified by a third party at the developer’s expense. Hit the link for all the details.