So much for that. According to MTV’s Multiplayer blog, this morning’s rumors regarding Google’s intentions to acquire video game company Valve are a “complete fabrication” according to a representative of Valve. Multiplayer sources Valve’s PR guy, Doug Lombardi, who reveals that the rumor has absolutely no truth behind it.

Just to make sure Lombardi wasn’t being cagey, I asked if [we would] be correct if we posted that (my words) “Valve says Google isn’t buying the company.” He said that would be correct. So… no sale!

There you have it people. Maybe the original “WELL PLACED SOURCES” hit the sauce a bit early today. After all, it is hump day. Whatever the case may be, not every rumor can turn out to be true. Some are debunked a bit quicker than others mind you, and this is apparently one of them.