Everyone’s favorite iPhone dev team – err – the iPhone Dev Team, has released the Mac version of its latest conquest. That’s right people, just like we told you last week the Dev Team has made quick work of Apple’s 2.0 firmware and the latest version of its Pwnage Tool is now available to the public. Have you been feeling restricted by Apple-authorized apps? Not having the ability at this point to run authorized third-party apps in the background makes plenty of applications such as IM and music streaming apps (Last.fm, Pandora) pretty much useless. Beyond that, in some countries you might not even have access to the app store! Enter the Dev Team. Using the Pwnage Tool, you can add Installer and Cydia to complement Apple’s App Store app and enjoy the tremendous number of unauthorized apps out there alongside Apple-authorized apps with no problems. The Pwnage Tool doesn’t yet unlock the iPhone 3G however, so you’re still bound to whichever carrier you picked up your phone from. Also, the new Pwnage Tool is only available for OS X right now so Windows users will have to wait a bit longer to join in on the fun.