Yes, this week has been pretty crazy indeed. Apple might have been the focus of attention but yesterday we had a little treat for you BlackBerry lovers out there. Even still, those of you on CDMA networks were pretty much shut out. Well CDMA people, say hello to your new little friend. The folks over at the FCC have been pretty busy lately from the looks of things, not that being busy testing unreleased gadgets is a bad thing. This past Thursday we learned that the Touch Diamond has made its way through testing and its now ready for prime time. And what’s that? As has been rumored this is a CDMA version complete with all the EV-DO and WiFi you can handle. Telus has already announced that it will carry the handset north of the border, but no US carriers have publicly signed on for the Touch Diamond yet. Word on the street however, is that both Verizon and Sprint will be dropping this gem soon enough. No need to recap the rest of the specs; we covered it plenty when HTC dragged us all the way out to London to announce one – single – handset.