Dash Express users are about to receive a software update and it’s a doozy. For those of you in the market for a new GPS unit, take notice as this already-capable internet-connected portable unit from Dash gets some new functionality that makes navigation much more user friendly. First and foremost, the update process itself is noteworthy. Pulling your GPS unit from your car and connecting it to a computer is so last year. Simply connect the Dash Express to a WiFi network and the update will take place automatically. As a side note, couple the Dash Express with a mobile application like JoikuSpot Light and you have an always-connected unit with some amazing capability, especially now that the Dash API is open. Back to the matter at hand, one of the key features included in this update is called MyRoute. Dash recognizes that users often know shortcuts that may not be recommended by the GPS unit. As such, the Dash Express can now record your route to your destination and save it as an available routing option along with the recommended Dash route and a third detour-route option. What’s more, Dash will automatically analyze current traffic data and take traffic info into account when recommending a route. There are a bunch of other enhancements in this update such as FasterFind for quicker GPS locks and a variety of performance and UI tweaks. Dash is definitely a company to keep your eye on as we don’t see them slowing down any time soon.

[Via Press Release]