Or several months late, depending on how you look at. Regardless of your perspective, the new ROM is here and ready for you download pleasure. Sprint and HTC quietly released a new ROM for the HTC Mogul this morning, ending months of speculation and despair, though confirming our suspicions at the same time. The big news here is that the new ROM does, in fact, include the promise upgrade to EV-DO Rev. A speeds. That should be a huge upgrade for anyone that has been using their Mogul as a tethered modem, in addition to providing significant enhancements to on-device browsing speed. The other big news, however, is that the rumored enabling of the on-board GPS is nowhere to be found. Not to sound ungrateful here, but how hard can it really be, Sprint? Either way, the new ROM is now available for download from the HTC site if you’re so inclined.

UPDATE: As several of you have pointed out, it looks like the GPS functionality is, in fact, included. Nice job, Sprint. You can get the actual ROM right here