MobiTV Cofounder and President Paul Scanlan probably won’t be inviting Howard Chui out to the strip club with the boys any time soon, but he seems to have forgiven the HowardForums founder for a recent troublesome post on the site. In case you missed it, MobiTV’s legal team went after Howard with guns blazing as a result of a post on HoFo detailing just how easy it is to steal MobiTV service. They went as far as contacting HoFo host Global Net Access with a steamy cease and desist order that would have threatened to shut down the popular mobile forum. Howard wisely chronicled the ordeal publicly on HoFo, garnering support from the HoFo community and from across the web. Apparently MobiTV got the message; maybe any publicity isn’t always good publicity. Scanlan and Chui spoke privately and Scanlan claimed that his cohorts jumped the gun a bit. “Again, we’re big fans of the sight and our intention was never to bring your entire sight down or to ‘censor the Internet’ like we’re being accused,” Scanlan stated. By “sight” we think he means “site”. He went on to say, “Additionally, we also have a responsibility to our content and carrier partners to reduce the impact of any breaches to the system once they occur and that was really the basis for the correspondence you had with our legal team.” A novel concept; fix the problem instead of threatening those who expose it.