If this turns out to be true, it would mark one of the strangest corporate decisions we’ve seen in recent memory. Yahoo, which has recently been approached as a potential acquisition by Microsoft, is rumored to be in talks with AOL regarding a possible merger. This move is, apparently, a reaction against Microsoft’s recent bid, as Yahoo seems to be trying to defend itself against M$’s overtures. Self defense is a good thing, but partnering with a dying, irrelevant service will do nothing to aid your cause. A partnership with AOL would have been advantageous 5-6 years ago, but seeing as AOL has now farmed out its search services to Google, and shut down its monthly subscription deal, it has very little to offer. Yahoo would be better off giving in to the Microsoft movement. It’s certainly possible that this is a ploy on Yahoo’s part to drive up the price of Microsoft’s bid, but if that’s the case, there are far more dangerous rumors to spread. Good luck, Yahoo. You’re going to need it.