Among the gems to come out of CES is this monster display prototype from Alienware. We hope that the booth attendants laid some towels down on the floor to soak up all of that gamer-drool. Featuring a 2880 x 900 pixel resolution and a ridiculous 0.02ms response time, the display has a wraparound form that enhances viewing by expanding the peripheral range. No, it’s not a flat panel, but this should make potential buyers happy as it will be much more attainable as a rear projection, of course. The set up at CES was displaying the popular first-person shooter Crysis and reportedly doing a stellar job of it. Alienware claims that its curved creation should be commercially available sometime in the second half of the year and pricing info is not yet available. Like the rest of the Alienware lineup, we’re sure that this puppy will be very awesome and very expensive.