Are you one of the many that purchased an Xbox 360 before Microsoft updated them with native HDMI output? A new adapter allows you to upgrade your early-generation 360 with a set of HDMI outputs. The process is painless, involving little more than an adapter that plugs into your existing A/V output jack. String the wires into your HDTV input and you’re good to go. The adapter, which is manufactured by gaming accessory kingpin MadCatz, doesn’t come cheap, however. Investing $90 into a slightly older console sounds a little insane to us, especially when you can snag a brand new box for under $300. That said, we’re sure more than a few of you will be pretty excited at the prospect of adding some HDM joy to your old 360. Just be careful if you do decide to buy a new unit as the Xbox 360 Arcade does not have HDMI. The Elite, Halo edition, and Premium all do!

[Via Coolest-Gadgets]