This is actually pretty shocking, guys. Sony’s rumored to be pulling the plug on all rear-projection TVs and devoting all production to LCDs. As owners of the XBR2 and XBR5 series, we can fully understand Sony’s move here. After all, they’re kickin’ ass! This isn’t confirmed yet, but a company spokesperson supposedly said, "we are moving our resources more toward LCD TV, because that’s what people really want." If you’ve got a pending order for a KDSZ70XBR5 it looks as if that order will never be filled and will be cancelled. Additionally, orders for the KDF46E3000 and KDS60A3000 models aren’t guaranteed either. We’d say get to it if you really want one of those, but let’s not kid ourselves. Pickup an XBR4 or XBR5 LCD and enjoy it!