It’s pretty tough to shop for accessories for your computer or cell phone and not come across Belkin’s name. With one shot, they’ve come up with a new accessory that helps you with both. It’s basically a Bluetooth dongle, but, when it’s combined with some swanky new software from photo-guru Kodak, it will effortlessly pull your cell phone photos to your computer. And, it happens simply when your phone is within range. Once on your computer, you can set it up to print, save, and even upload to MySpace or Facebook. To top the whole thing off (and, perhaps, justify the $50 price tag), this software / hardware combo will pull full-resolution photos from your phone, instead of the normally-compressed versions that would be sent via MMS. We think this could be great, but only if you’re pretty tech-deficient. Hey…we all have those relatives, right?