On November, 14th, T-Mobile sent out letters to over 600 customers that are no longer within a contract to tell them to get lost. Not quite the words, but more or less the same thing. The thing is, T-Mobile viewed these customers are roaming too much, and most likely thought it would be cheaper to disconnect these customers instead of letting them roam till the cows come home. They are totally out of the system, as they’ve been offered to switch to a T-Mobile To Go plan. If they don’t want that, they will then have no choice but to have their service terminated by a specific date. A little harsh? Maybe. But then again, if T-Mobile doesn’t cover where you go, you’re better off switching to another carrier. Just don’t switch to Sprint because you might end up getting canned there too, you know, for calling customer service too much…

Thanks, T-MobileStar!

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