With the recent announcement that EchoStar was buying Sling Media, it only seems fit that they’d continue to develop and release new products. So what do we got? A Sling Box SOLO. It’s positioned between the Slingbox AV, and the Slingbox Pro with a $179.99 price point. We’re diggin’ the Slingbox SOLO, and although the model we got a chance to test out was pre-production, it all worked smoothly. It does in fact provide you with HD streaming by way of component inputs (HDMI is not an option on ths one), but the great part about it is the size, and the fact that you get pass-through connections. Right in to the Slingbox, out into the input of your TV or receiver — definitely a must! Additionally, the Slingbox SOLO will be simulateously launching worldwide as well. Look for it in Canada and the UK very very soon. Press photos after the jump, and our own hands-on pics are in the gallery!

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