What’s that sound? Right, it’s hundreds of thousands of BlackBerry users left without immediate access to their Gmail, Yahoo!, and other BIS accounts. The current outage, which has been confirmed by RIM, is affecting all BIS users, regardless of carrier. It is not affect blackberry.net addresses. There is no estimated time of the fix, and no specifics have been been given. Other services possibly effected are web browsing and any 3rd party applications that require access to the handheld’s data connection. Forgive us for this one, but RIM: COME ON! This is the third major outage in 5 months, an outage Berry users are becoming all too accustomed to. We’ll save the rant for another day, but BlackBerry has long been heralded as a bastion of reliability and stable service. At the very least we would appreciate some sort of statement from RIM.Start venting……now.