Well well well….Nokia has done it again. While the European version of the N95 has been available here in the States for a while only in Nokia’s retail stores, we haven’t been able to utilize the device’s 3G radios, thanks to a lack of 850/1900 WCDMA band support.   Hearing the calls of S60 fanboys everywhere, the company has decided to release a version of their flagship handset that will be compatible with AT&T UMTS/HSDPA network. Sweet! The device is more or less the same as the Euro-version, although there are a couple of significant differences. The American Nokia N95 will sport a higher capacity battery. The new 1200 mAh cell will give the device a much needed boost in run-time. It will come with a 1GB microSD card, and the back case of the phone is now black.  That’s all folks. We’re not sure exactly when this is set to drop, but you best believe there’ll be some significant demand once it reaches store shelves. Kudos, Nokia. Hit the jump for the full brochure.